The Way To Prepare For The Weather Conditions As A Business Proprietor

Although a business owner is normally more interested in just what takes place within their building, they need to be set for bad weather outside too. In order to accomplish this, they’ll desire to take into account the kinds of weather they could regularly have as well as just how they can prepare the exterior of the building to handle all of them.

One way to be able to prepare for bad weather conditions would be to make sure there’s a covered way for people to enter the building. Even though the cover doesn’t need to stretch to protect the parking lot, shade structures may help individuals avoid the rain or sun when they’re hanging around outside for something. They might want to wait around out of doors for their ride to be able to pull up or simply have a break before going inside if it is raining. If perhaps people do regularly sit outside, it may be a smart idea to purchase bench seats for the shaded areas so employees as well as buyers have somewhere to take a seat whenever they need a break or they may be waiting around for something. This can help it become more appealing for clients and staff no matter what the weather is like.

While you might be a lot more worried about exactly what takes place in your company, buyers and also staff will be thankful if you arrange for the weather factors in your area and make certain you will have shade and seats to make sure they could be more comfortable when they are outside.

Advantages Of Building Bulk Email Lists for Marketing Your Business

Sending bulk email for acquiring new clients is a strong and effective marketing strategy. For businesses that are reluctant to even try bulk email marketing you might benefit from this read;

“The complaint I receive from many entrepreneurs, and marketers alike, is they have considered email list marketing for their advertising needs but have not found a good starting point I have found that that most first-time email marketers do achieve success within the first 30 days and ongoing email marketing only builds your email lists bigger and more relevant with each campaign sent”.

Email List Marketing Works For Big Brands, It Drives Traffic And Revenue

Let’s take a look at some recent stats that highlight why email list marketing is something to consider moving into 2016

  • Over 70 percent of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business.
  • 60 percent of marketers claim that email is a critical enabler of products and services, versus 42 percent of marketers in 2014.
  • 20 percent of marketers say that their business’ primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations.
  • 43 percent of businesses have email teams of 2-3 people.
  • 74 percent of marketers believe email produces or will produce ROI in the future.
  • For 69.7 percent of US internet users, email is the preferred method of communicating with businesses.

5 Practical Reasons You Should Consider Bulk Email Marketing for 2016

Let’s put aside the stats and data for a second and talk about the real practical reasons you should be sending email for your business.

Here is practical advice and what this author believes to demand from your email list marketing company;

  1. Some bulk email software’s allow you to send an unlimited amount of email and it can be fully automated, and work in compliance with responsible email marketing practices and can-spam act of 2003 to remove opt-outs and non-deliverables, spam score checkers, and more features added automatically with any web based bulk email software platform.
  2. With web-based software there is nothing to download or install, you can simply log into your online software account from anywhere to manage, send, and monitor your campaigns. This is an advantage as the email campaigns do not send from your internet connection or email account and you can add and remove domains and IPs for perpetual campaign longevity.
  3. No setup cost and no contracts are almost expected these days; you want to choose a month to month billing that offers you the control to cancel at any time, but more importantly and a pro-rated billing system so you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime only paying the difference in pricing. This is very important as this will keep your overall costs under control and you can grow with your new sales strategy.
  4. Purchasing email lists from a credible email list provider can allow you to choose targeted categories further for pinpointing your demographic before sending. This provides an excellent opportunity to try different categories that you might have previously overlooked with other advertising allowing you to realize new marketing opportunity.
  5. Build exclusive opener and clicker lists. This is extremely effective as it builds new email list databases for future campaigns and is a great marketing strategy to implement right from the start. These contacts can automatically be added to new separately named email list databases and can build automatically for you each time you send an email campaign.

3 Things To Look For When Starting Email Marketing For The First Time

An email marketing campaign might be sounding more exciting by the second but not so fast! Well if you think you’re ready to dive into email marketing you might just be, however here are a few additional considerations to explore before you start sending out your first email marketing newsletter.

  1. Email marketing is not easy requires some additional learning like any software. Excellent email marketing takes practice and just be to properly check your ad copy for spelling and grammar, formatting, and other errors. Always split test trying out a few different ads and subject headers then run with your best performer. Many make the mistake to blast out one ad to 100 percent of the list, break it up a bit and think more about longevity.
  2. Basic feature you should demand from the email list, and bulk email Software Company you choose to send and manage your campaigns: No Setup Fee, Month to Month billing, Pro-Rated so you can increase/decrease the sending volume when desired, provides both email lists and email software under one brand, offers support and easy to contact via phone and email, a company with some online history and credibility. Choose your email marketing company wisely.
  3. When shopping around be sure you choose a company that offers everything email marketing under one roof, this makes them accountable and provides consumer confidence. There are many companies that provide email marketing services, but most do not offer the email lists and ability to send using a web-based software all under one umbrella.

Now you are prepared for sending your first email campaign even if you’ve never done it before, throw caution to the wind and test it out for 2016.

Marketing Tips That Are Vital for Any Home Business Success

A successful home business or any business for that matter runs on how you will approach your marketing strategy. The most effective plans when starting a home based business is to make sure you can have a marketing strategy that will lead to success in your home business venture.

The first thing to work on with your marketing plan is to make sure your business is in a market that is targeted to a wide variety of customers. For example, if your business only caters to a specific clientele then you actually minimize your odds of profiting. The only exception to this is if you’re the first business in this market to provide such unique services, but the reality is that any business even new ones in a less saturated market will eventually meet competition. This is why with a great marketing plan no matter what competition comes in your business you will be able to attract the right customers and keep a continuous cash flow running through the business. Starting a business out in a saturated market is by far the most easiest and effective way to have success. The reason being is because you can take review of what other businesses do and make sure you do what they don’t. Cover the marketing angles they miss, notice how they advertise, how they treat customers; your marketing must play to new angles your competitors have not approached the customer base with.

The next step is to make sure that you have a local base of customers that are in need of your home business services. Relying on only one method of working with customers can lead to a block of business production if that one avenue of making money is effected. This could happen to online based businesses if the network crashes or a high volume of hackers interrupt payment services; which in these days could happen easily as more and more people learn how to infiltrate online services. This is why your home based business must be able to market both online and offline. Your local customers can save your business from any effects the market will expect. Knowing how to attract these local leads and effectively make them customers is crucial; one way of doing this is through outdoor sign marketing. This is where you create a brief ad with an easy call to action such as a phone number in order to gather new leads. Every step of your marketing plan must have further actions covered once the first step is in effect. For example, if someone calls from seeing your ad do you have a messaging system set up to gather all the right information needed in order to contact this lead? At best you would need Full Name, Phone Number and Reason for calling. You always want your leads to leave information as to why they are calling just to make sure they understand what it is you were advertising. I have had leads before not even know why I called them because they forgot what the ad was about; this could be one of two things. Perhaps the ad was not detailed enough, most of the times people just answer to ads without fully knowing what they are getting into. This is why when creating a local marketing campaign make sure you can briefly give enough benefits meaning “what’s in it for them” if they call your number or answer your ad, because once that is covered your lead no longer seems to be just someone calling now they are warmed up ready for you to reply once you have received their info or answered their call. Write down on a piece of paper what your home business benefits for it’s customers, things you believe prospects out there would want to be attracted to calling you.

Next take note as to how you can connect with your prospects. Review possible costs and expenses. You want to start off with the most inexpensive methods available but remember free doesn’t always mean good when it comes to advertising. Your marketing strategy must be effective but not cheap. People will take notice to cheap and you could lose their attention therefore remember quality over cost when advertising. The best way to do this is to add some unique creativity when marketing what your business has to offer. Great examples are running online informative videos, creating local events highlighting a common problem in your area in which your business could solve, using social media to gain word of mouth with your business. A powerful tool with any business including a home based business in today’s society is having the ability to share what you can do and offer to those who are interested. Market to social media but don’t always follow what other businesses are doing; create a new lane in a different social media avenue to run and you will find results a lot faster in time.

The major point is to develop a marketing strategy that is flexible enough to reach a variety of consumers and branch off in different directions when any avenue runs dry. For example, you could market locally with your home business while adding a small online presence. Remember, going online with marketing requires a tremendous time commitment which could hinder a start up small business. If you choose to market online utilize a means that’s both least time consuming and could be easily performed by you without doing a million things before you could get anything done. Make sure your business could market to a specific group of interests; you can resolve a problem many people both online and offline have an interest in.

Also, realize that marketing is a continuing effort that you should always research and educate yourself to expand your business towards success. If you would like more information about certain marketing methods your business could utilize just connect with our business site and submit your questions.

Why Complete Web Marketing Is Important

Not so long ago, in a non-digital time, businesses put a bunch of AAAAs at the beginning of their name. Remember AAAAAA Towing or AAAAAA Plumbing? Doing this put them at the top of the Yellow Pages ads. Then this new thing called the “internet” came along and business marketing took a sudden right turn. Websites for businesses became an optional idea. Then they became a basic requirement when starting any new business. They lent credibility. Now, you can’t just have a website to say you have one, most businesses do. It’s important to have great content that reaches out to your current, and potential, customers. You need your website to engage in a conversation with them about your brand. This builds brand awareness and trust in your brand. You need a complete web marketing plan.

Just having a website setup for your business should not be the end point of your digital marketing efforts. You spent time and money in your website for it to be found in the search engines by potential consumers, but that isn’t enough. So let’s take a look at what else should be included in your digital marketing efforts.

Components of an effective web marketing plan for modern businesses includes:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Video Marketing

Why isn’t just having a website enough anymore? Just having a website sitting there is like hiring an employee and not giving them a phone, computer, or any others tools to make them useful. Correctly using all the available avenues of web marketing offers additional ways for your potential consumers to discover you. You do want maximum exposure, don’t you? Not every one of your potential consumers are going to head directly to your website. By engaging in a complete web marketing plan you can reach your potential consumers wherever they are, not just when they are particularly looking for you.

Additionally, a complete web marketing plan helps your website with the search engines. Social media marketing, content marketing, which includes blogs and other forms of content, boosts your search engine optimization efforts.

Blogs, Social Media, and Videos get attention from website visitors and that signals the search engines that your site is relevant and useful. This will help your search engine rankings. These additional efforts help your business battle with your competition, who, BTW, are all including these extra efforts in THEIR web marketing plans.

You may have an amazing website that converts like crazy, but it can’t compete with a complete web marketing plan. Your website is the foundation of your web marketing efforts. The other components should be driving traffic to your website.

People want to learn before they buy. They want to be educated instead of pitched. A complete web marketing plan does this. Your social media can include links to the blog articles you are posting. A contact form on your website grows your email marketing, your email newsletters offer links back to pertinent areas on your website. Your website videos showing the usefulness or quality of your products or services. Everyone gets pushed back to your site and funneled down the pipeline to a sale.

In other words, the focus on your Web Marketing should not be about making the sale immediately, but about driving people to your website. A well designed website will be primed to make that sale for you, which helps your other digital marketing efforts.

Bottom line. It’s not enough to just have a website, Don’t make the mistake of dusting off your hands If you want to be truly successful online. You NEED a complete web marketing plan if you want to succeed.

How to Take Charge of Your Holiday Marketing Content

Around the world as late November kicks in and Christmas is on the near horizon businesses focus on making money during the major holidays. Entire industries including retail, automakers, technology and luxury spas realize the winter holiday period is indeed money time.

And so explodes like rockets the annual mad push to make the numbers. But savvy business owners establish a loving relationship with their customers throughout the year. There are three common elements these top content marketers utilize on a consistent basis.

The secret ingredients are uniqueness, effectiveness and coolness. The great news is that you can also apply these elements to your holiday marketing recipe and create a content mix that is abundantly potent.

Whether your goal is to get more people coming through your offline storefront or making clicks on your website, utilizing content marketing is the key to making it happen. According to The Content Marketing Institute; “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

We can see how our three elements add additional functionality to this definition. Content that is unique will be valuable to the audience. Effective content will activate the target audience. And cool content will be so relevant that it will strike at the heart of the community. Great content feels personal and customized to your audience. If you do not have the “right” content, you won’t get the “right” visitors and your traffic won’t convert into paying customers.

When most people think of content they think of text. Articles, blog posts and social media updates. This is only one of several types of holiday content that should be created. Visual content is shared more frequently and includes images, infographics and memes. Audio content like podcasts and interviews are great because consumers can listen while doing other activities. And what about video? It’s the most preferred type of content and you can use it to bring your audience inside your business. And for engagement interactive content like contests, polls, surveys and games that center on your customer can be extremely effective.

Your holiday marketing content should highlight what you’ve learned during the previous engagements with your audience. Through email, social media and mobile you have a good sense of what gets the best response from your target audience. For example, if a particular type of image, blog post or video spiked comments and social sharing during Halloween, now is the time to put it back into rotation. Your clients will feel like they’re seeing an old and trusted friend. And your brand won’t be viewed as a digital peddler who only comes around when he’s trying to sell something.

The shift to content marketing is a huge mountain for most businesses to scale. Traditionally the marketing game has been about brand promotion and pushing our canned message to the audience in heavy rotation. Content marketing requires a new process of creating and distributing content to attract customers. It’s pull or attraction marketing. It’s a dramatic shift in the marketing mindset and demands a steady stream of unique, effective and cool content emanating from your brand. This content can be original, shared or even crowd-sourced but it’s not a hard sell and the content has to be interesting, useful and valuable enough to stand on its own merits.

So how can this be done? Part of the psychology of marketing is to be able to change the point of view to what makes life better for your audience. For example, it is widely believed that the holidays can be stressful. Travel plans, shopping lists, family time and the impending deadlines all converge to make the season uniquely challenging and unpredictable. So what can you do through content creation and marketing to make it easier for your audience? How about creating a downloadable eBook, special report, or how-to guide that is perfectly timed to help those searching for ideas to counter the stress?

B2B marketers should be focused on creating content geared to help business people do their jobs better. In today’s economy people are cost conscious. How can you help your audience save money, time or both? What are you doing that is on the leading edge? Brainstorm a few solutions with your team that you can offer or create. Perhaps you deliver a content series instead of just a one-off so that your audience remains engaged over a longer period of time. Think of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. It’s a great example of keeping the folks engaged over an extended period even in song.

I mentioned that visual and video content gets shared a lot more than text alone. So there is a greater opportunity for the content to go viral. What if you create a series of images that turn into a slide-show or picture gallery type of blog post? You could even create a new infographic by including some images, numbers and surprising facts or impressive stats that your audience can use and share. Make the complex visual and simple. And of course video is extremely powerful for telling your story. Make it engaging, behind-the-scenes, first-look or build some type of mystique that makes your audience want to share it across their multiple social media platforms.

Speaking of sharing make sure your content can be easily passed along. You need to have social sharing buttons, fast downloads and links that work. One of the biggest gotchas in content marketing is broken links. Whether it’s social media sharing, a link to a third party site or content you’re hosting directly make sure the links work and load properly. Because of the increased traffic during the holidays the demands on your servers can be heavier and the consumer patience is shorter. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Now is the time to increase your storage or bandwidth so that the user experience is fast and responsive.

Finally the idea behind taking charge of your content marketing is to be proactive. Create and distribute unique, effective and cool holiday themed content that engages your audience and leads them to take action. By applying these tactics today you’ll build a loyal audience, increased relevance and increased revenue.